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Google Street View VR Kicks It Up A Notch

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April 24, 2017
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July 7, 2017

The next generation of Google Street View but inside your business

In those moments when people are searching for a local business, entertainment venue or a point of interest location they are interested in, Google Street View is useful tool people use to get the general look and feel of the place. It’s almost impossible to really tell what these spaces look like inside without being there in person. To solve this issue Google has just announced Google Street View integration and partnerships with Immersive 3D and Virtual Reality media technology providers.

Starting this summer, users clicking through listings on Google Street View and Google Maps will be able to see a location that they can actually jump into, then explore and experience the space in a way that feels so real it's actually like being there.

These are the next generation of Google Street View tours that combined panoramic images with 3D geometry data to create tours with a high level of realism that's never been experienced before using mobile devices, the Web, and VR headsets. Add in easy navigation, hot-spots, interactive maps, media elements and much more. It's going to be an amazing way for people to experience businesses, entertainment venues and points of interest locations online like never before.

Immersive media marketing

Business will have the ability to publish 3D and virtual reality content featuring their business on Google Street View providing a one of a kind engaging user experience. Making a buying decision has always been a very visual experience and this technology makes visualization even more powerful. Consumers are more likely to create an immediate, lasting emotional connection by experiencing a product, showroom or a businesses physical location with immersive media.

Designed specially for local business

Soon businesses will be able to access the new Google Street View capabilities when the beta is released. This technology will be a game changer in how businesses interact with customers. Having consumers being able to step into a business straight from Google Street View and impressively experience it will open up the way business market themselves. It’s a big step up from traditional photography and video that delivers a true to life experience of a space without having visited first.

The timing is right as the demand for 3D and VR has increased 3x year over year. Businesses can now stand out in the crowded marketplace by offering cutting-edge 3D and immersive virtual reality experiences through the new Google Street View VR. Applications span a wide range of industries from commercial real estate, hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, retail outlets, professional organizations, scenic points of interest and many more.

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